New CLMS feature: administration tools added to activity screen

One of the latest features added to our CLMS is the ability to access administration tools from the activity screen. Simply click on an activity from your calendar or list, then use the scroll-down on the top-left of the activity screen to carry out activities such as enrol users, invite groups or view the attendance list.

Sceenshot showing VinciWork's new CLMS feature

New CLMS feature: “Browse calendar” feature added to administration toolbar

VinciWorks has just added a new feature to their CLMS to help users manage tasks more efficiently. Users can now easily browse their calendar by clicking on “offline activities” and then “browse calendar of activities”. Users can easily view a list of the activities by clicking on “switch to list” above the calendar.

Browse calendar activity function

The new function makes it easier and faster for users to view their activities in a calendar format

New guide to the gig economy warns businesses of compliance risks

The Gig Economy Banner

VinciWorks has just published an e-book warning businesses about the dangers of the gig economy.

Compliance Risks and the Gig Economy takes businesses through the potential legal minefield of using gig economy apps for business purposes. From renting a room through Airbnb, buying a service on UpWork or hailing a ride on Uber, when a business interacts with the gig economy, it can have a knock-on effect across compliance areas from employment law to equality to modern slavery. Most recently, already-under-fire Uber has recently been exposed for concealing a massive global breach of the personal information of 57 million customers and drivers in October 2016.

With around 14 million Brits taking part in some form of independent work, whether traditional freelance or through a new gig economy app, the potential compliance risks range from equality and discrimination to tax evasion, modern slavery and even data protection.
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Six months until GDPR implementation – how to prepare

Keyboard with GDPR implementation button

The General Data Protection Regulation comes into full force on 25th May 2018

There are now less than six months to go until GDPR implementation, when it becomes law throughout the EU, including the UK. Any business operating in the EU, serving EU customers or shipping orders inside Europe will need to comply.

From training staff to rewriting privacy policies, there’s a lot that needs to be done to ensure your business is ready for GDPR. If you’re in the UK, the new Data Protection Act will form the basis of data protection law. However, ensuring your business is ready for GDPR will also ensure you are ready for the new Data Protection Act.

What is in the new UK Data Protection Bill?

Along with transposing GDPR into UK law, the Bill will replace the UK’s DPA 1998 and ensure that data protection law remains Brexit-proof. Continue reading

New data protection course module: A Guide to Global Data Protection

Screenshot from latest data protection module to be added to the course

VinciWorks has just added a new module to the course Data Protection: Privacy at Work. The new module explores and contrasts data protection legislation in countries around the world. This new module consists of an interactive guide to global data protection, whereby users can easily lookup the answers to a range of questions they may have about the data protection laws in various countries. This allows businesses to easily familiarise themselves with the data protection laws in any country they operate in and ensure they comply.

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Are your AML identification policies discriminatory? CDD & transgender customers

Young man holding up transgender symbol

With today marking Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), our recent publication in Money Laundering Bulletin examines the struggle transgender people go through when it comes to changing a name and title at establishments such as a local bank.

Changing name and title in the UK should be as easy for the transgender bank customer as for someone who marries or enters a civil partnership but too often it is not. Annoying, if not hurtful to the individual, the obstacles encountered represent reputational and possible legal risk for financial institutions.

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VinciWorks releases new e-learning course: Anti-Money Laundering: Know Your Risk

We have recently launched a new risk-focused course based on new EU and UK AML laws.

Anti-Money Laundering: Know Your Risk drops users into a realistic, immersive scenario-based simulation to test their knowledge, understanding and ability to uncover the risks of money laundering hidden in everyday transactions. The Fourth EU Money Laundering Directive and the UK’s Money Laundering Regulations 2017, passed this year, mandates a fully risk based approach to AML. This means the white list has gone, as have exemptions from client due diligence procedures.

As a long-standing leader in the field of e-learning, Anti-Money Laundering: Know Your Risk asks users to assess the inherent risks and red flags of over 100 available scenarios and give each situation a risk score. Uniquely in e-learning, users receive live feedback and can compare their risk tolerance against others in their firm, industry and globally.

Demo the course

Gain experience points as you take the course

Screenshot showing experience points in Anti-Money Laundering: Know Your Risk

The new course enables users to accrue experience points as they work through various AML scenarios. Veteran users will gather experience points more quickly, updating their knowledge and completing the course in as little as fifteen minutes. Whereas newer users or those that need a more in-depth refresh are encouraged to spend more time reading additional content and building up a bank of points to demonstrate their AML knowledge.

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Free sexual harassment policy template

Sexual harassment complaint form

VinciWorks provides a free sexual harassment policy template to help organisations raise awareness of sexual harassment in the workplace and eradicate it for good.

The month of October saw an alarming number of high-profile allegations of sexual harassment. This included the downfall of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, Netflix cutting ties with Kevin Spacey and a scandal at Westminster. The subsequent #MeToo campaign and a shocking BBC survey highlighted further that the issue of sexual harassment is not limited to the heights of Hollywood and politics. Of the woman who said they had been sexually harassed, only 63% said they kept it to themselves, with 79% of male victims saying they didn’t report it.

Implementing a sexual harassment policy in your workplace is more than just ticking a box. Having such a policy in place will better equip staff and managers to spot signs of harassment at work and understand how to promote an inclusive and safe working environment for all staff.

You can download the sexual harassment policy template by clicking on the button below. The template can easily be edited to suit your organisation and industry.

Download policy template

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Ten steps to preventing sexual harassment in your workplace

Sexual harassment at work

The month of October saw an alarming number of allegations of sexual harassment. This includes the demise of Hollywood film producer Harvey Weinstein, Netflix cutting ties with actor Kevin Spacey and the spread of allegations to Westminster.

With a recent BBC survey finding half of women in the UK and a fifth of men have been sexually harassed at work or at a place of study, it is clear managers must promote a culture whereby staff can bring up any concerns of sexual harassment in the knowledge that they will be heard and dealt with.

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The Paradise Papers – interactive tax havens map


Click on a tax haven to learn more about their risks

The recent huge leak of financial documents revealing how the ultra-rich are secretly investing large amounts of cash in tax havens is the biggest such leak since the Panama Papers last year.

Here is what we know so far:

    • The leak of documents mainly exposes one leading financial law firm based in Bermuda.
    • The 13.4 million documents shed light on how the super-rich and powerful of the world hide their wealth to avoid paying tax.
    • In the US, Wilbur Ross, commerce secretary in Donald Trump’s administration, has business links with Russian allies of President Vladimir Putin who are under US sanctions.

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