Integrate your training with VinciWorks’ reporting and tracking tool

Ergonomics assessment results dashboard
The results of the ergonomics assessment in our health and safety training can be fully integrated with Omnitrack

How do you make online training an experience that actually makes a difference in real time? How do you measure what each user is gaining from the training?

All of our compliance courses come complete with an interactive element, be it quizzes, assessments or gamification. This is all very well, but how can administrators and compliance managers utilise these interactions to increase the impact of the training on the entire organisation?

We have just added a new feature to our reporting and tracking solution Omnitrack, allowing administrators and compliance managers to track all necessary data from each course completion. Below are four elements you can integrate and track with Omnitrack.

1. Assessments

The interactive ergonomics assessment in our health and safety course is just one of the many assessments that can be integrated with Omnitrack

Many of our courses include assessments to help establish an organisation’s level of risk. For example, in our health and safety course, which has been adapted for home workers, users undertake a number of assessments related to their workstation setup. These immersive assessments can be integrated. Administrators can then collect rich, actionable data from their users while they complete these assessments. Whether staff are working remotely or from an office, our tool will help businesses ensure all their staff have a comfortable and healthy space to work from home.

Similarly, our mental health course includes a self-assessment on work-related stress. To ensure that businesses can help staff who are struggling with work-related stress or anxiety, or to simply gain an overall understanding of how your staff are affected by stress, the assessment can easily be integrated with Omnitrack. This integration will allow administrators to play an important role in monitoring their staff’s mental wellbeing.

2. Quizzes

Test section in Anti-Bribery Fundamentals course

Each of our courses ends with a quiz or test section. Administrators can now instantly analyse the results of the test sections and gain a full understanding of each user’s level of risk. This integration enables administrators to:

  • Get a full view of how many staff are reaching the pass mark
  • Understand any trends in the test results, such as any risk areas where your staff are lacking knowledge

3. Knowledge Checks

Anti-bribery knowledge check

Knowledge checks are five minute stand-alone courses that assess your staff’s knowledge of key compliance areas. Each knowledge check provides instant feedback to the user following every question. Similar to test sections within a course, integrating a knowledge check with Omnitrack allows administrators to gain a full view of their staff’s understanding of a topic and whether further in-depth training is required. Organisations can also build their own knowledge checks to either test their staff or carry out surveys and assessments. 

4. Games

Tax evasion game

Many of our courses feature an engaging five-minute game that gives users the opportunity to play the role of a CEO, DPO, Compliance Officer and more. For example, in our new tax evasion course, Criminal Finances Act: A Practical Overview, users can choose to play the role of either a pop star or angel investor and have to try and evade tax. The game presents strategies people might use to evade tax. By integrating the results of the games with Omnitrack, organisations can get a full view of each user’s risk level and ability to respond to varying scenarios. 

About Omnitrack

Many organisations use email or spreadsheets to track information. These approaches lack structure and security. Collecting information over email invariably leads to inconsistent responses, missing information and lack of structure. Spreadsheets are limited by their two-dimensional nature, lack of automation tools and lack of security. Omnitrack is a centralised reporting and tracking tool. It allows anyone to identify a risk, complete staff surveys or carry out reporting requirements.