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Tax Evasion Course

Are your staff tax literate?

Ensure your staff understand the potential risks every business faces when it comes to the complex world of tax compliance

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Tax evasion training.
The risk is real.

Tax evasion is not going away. In fact, tax evasion enforcement is only ramping up. Increased fines, more investigations and additional rules and laws to comply with mean there’s never been a more important time to ensure everyone in your organisation is tax literate.

Criminal Finances Act: A Practical Overview focuses on upskilling all staff to have the tax literacy to understand the potential risks every business faces when it comes to the complex world of tax compliance. The course takes users through what they need to know in their role in order to understand what tax evasion is, how it occurs, how we are affected, and what they must do to stop it. The course begins with an interactive game that presents strategies people might use to evade tax.

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Tax Evasion Training

What's in the course?


In this lighthearted game, the object is to do everything possible to evade taxes on £1,000,000. This game will show users some of the ways unscrupulous businesses might try and hide their profits, and how the authorities are trying to clamp down on it.


An in-depth overview of the practical applications of tax evasion regulations, including zooming in on recent cases and what governments are doing to clamp down on tax evasion. This unit also covers lessons learnt from celebrities' wrongdoing.


Covers the offences under the Criminal Finances Act, penalties for misconduct and the practical applications of the Act's "reasonable procedures" that businesses need to have in place.


Takes users through the varying characteristics of red flags they encounter in their day to day work. This section includes interactive scenarios to test users' ability to spot and act on red flags.

Course features

  • Users who feel they need a quick refresher on the topic can intsantly choose to learn an additional module
  • Interactive game where users try and evade £1m in tax
  • Interactive scenario questions to test users' ability to spot red flags
  • 100% customisable — Edit every word and build custom modules
  • Ends with a short quiz to test users' knowledge and understanding of the topics covered in the course
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Tax Evasion Features

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