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GDPR refresher training for all staff

Best practice for GDPR compliance training is to enrol staff in a new GDPR course around once a year. Following on from VinciWorks’ original GDPR course, GDPR: A Practical Overview takes data protection in the workplace to the next level. Fully interactive, the course combines short bursts of learning with practical scenarios and real-life examples to ensure all staff know how to safely and securely work with data.

How to use the course

The recommended use of GDPR: A Practical Overview is to put all staff through the basic six modules, and to add advanced modules for specialised staff in certain departments. Personalisation questions at the beginning of the training means staff in roles that require advanced training, such as HR, IT and marketing, can choose to take job-specific modules. The basic modules cover the basics of data, keeping data safe, working from home, data subject rights and data breaches, with review questions included within the modules.

Course outcomes

In an age of bigger data and even bigger privacy concerns, it has never been more important to ensure all staff members have the latest training and understanding of data protection.


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