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Anti-Money Laundering

Advanced and Fundamentals

Bringing relevance to the heart of AML training

When it comes to anti-money laundering training, relevant content has never been needed more. Training that does not resonate with the user, that feels like it wasn't written with a particular industry, practice area or job role in mind, does not work. Training that isn't relevant feels boring and unengaging.

VinciWorks' new anti-money laundering training takes relevance to the heart of training. With realistic scenarios, role-specific content, laws and procedures applicable in the jurisdiction, real-life case studies as well as a fresh, bold new design, our anti-money laundering training is suitable for any business, any user, anywhere. There are two new courses; an Advanced course for high-risk staff and a Fundamentals course for all staff.

AML training features

  • Begins with a "course builder" to instantly create the most relevant training for each user
  • Innovative red flag assessment enabling your firm to track and assess the frequency of money laundering indicators
  • In-depth module specific to your industry. This includes legal, real estate, financial services, cryptocurrency, accounting, banking and more.
  • 100% customisable — Change every word, add relevant policies, include custom modules and more
  • Interactive risk-based scenario questions
Gif showing AML interactive questions

Custom-build AML training specifically for your staff

We do not only preach relevance, we live and breathe it too. In our new AML training, organisations will be able to build the training that is 100% geared towards their staff and industry. Relevant policies, procedures and contact details can be added to any point in the training that the organisation feels is relevant to their staff.

Here are the customisations we offer:

  • Add MLRO contact details and option to send them a question via the course
  • Real-time customisations via a "course builder" at the start of the course
  • Add AML policies
  • Include a module for internal procedures
  • Translate the course into any language
  • Edit text within a module or build your own custom module
Screenshot showing AML customisations

AML training outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of how money laundering works in practice
  • Understand how money laundering can negatively impact their industry, their organisation and themselves
  • Know the laws and offences related to money laundering and terrorist financing, including penalties for breaking the law
  • Understand the definition of suspicion and how to identify suspicious transactions
  • Be aware of red flags relevant to their industry and know how to spot them
Gif showing AML interactive questions

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