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The legal, ethical and reputational risk of bribery is real. Billions in fines are levied every year and frequent reports of investigations and prosecutions from regulating authorities across the world hit the headlines.

We were delighted to be joined by Head of the OECD’s Anti-Corruption Division Patrick Moulette and Transparency International’s Global Business Integrity Programme Lead Britta Niemeyer.

These leading international bribery and corruption experts discuss the challenges businesses face in building a strong anti-bribery and corruption programme in 2021, and give their insights into how businesses can best fight bribery.

The webinar covered:

  • Major anti-corruption and bribery cases and what we can learn
  • The impact COVID-19 has had on anti-bribery and corruption
  • The industries most vulnerable to bribery and corruption
  • Guidance for whistleblowers and how they are handled by authorities
  • Anti-bribery training requirements and best practice
  • Answering attendee questions

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About the experts

Britta Niemeyer, Transparency International`s Global Business Integrity Programme Lead

Britta Niemeyer is Transparency International`s Global Business Integrity Programme Lead. She is a German lawyer and has been working in various compliance functions domestically and abroad for more than 18 years. In former positions, she was Chief Compliance Officer in one of the world’s leading logistics companies, and an international industrial service provider. Main tasks included the design, development and management of group-wide integrity & compliance programs with a focus on anti-bribery, anti-corruption (U.S. FCPA, UK Bribery Act) and antitrust. Her roles implied regular updates, progress reports and meetings with authorities in the U.S., Brazil and Europe. She was a counterpart of Independent Compliance Monitors appointed by foreign authorities.

Patrick Moulette , Head of the Anti-Corruption Division in the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs

Patrick Moulette is the Head of the Anti-Corruption Division in the OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs.  In this role, Mr. Moulette leads the work of the 44-country Working Group on Bribery in International Business Transactions, including the process of evaluating the implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention.  He has previously served for 10 years as Executive Secretary of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), which safeguards the global financial system against money laundering and terrorist financing. Previously, he worked for the Department of the Treasury of the French Ministry of Finance. He regularly speaks in public events related to international anti-corruption and financial crime issues.

Nick Henderson, Head of Course Development for VinciWorks

Nick Henderson is Director of Learning and Content at VinciWorks and has played an important role in developing VinciWorks’ most interactive and customisable courses covering topics such as anti-briberyanti-money launderingGDPRdiversitymental healthhealth and safety and more. Nick is a policy expert with a background in public, voluntary and private sectors and has expert-level knowledge across a wide range of areas.

Gary Yantin, Director of Best Practice

As Director of Best Practice at VinciWorks, Gary Yantin works with professional service firms of all sizes to provide the best compliance learning experience for their staff. He was previously an in-house lawyer and a solicitor in private practice. Gary has hosted many webinars and workshops for VinciWorks on a wide range of risk and compliance topics including GDPR and the SRA’s new approach to ongoing learning.

VinciWorks to release new anti-bribery training

Anti-Bribery: Fundamentals begins with a unique course builder that delivers the most relevant training to each user

VinciWorks will soon be releasing Anti-Bribery: Fundamentals, a new course that will give employees the opportunity to understand the risks of bribery in their working life as well as to test their knowledge and understanding of the subject. The course will teach them how to avoid becoming ensnared in bribery.

Course features

  • Suitable for all types of users in an organisation, from rookies to veterans
  • Includes video training
  • Includes a unique course builder that allows every user to complete their own personalised course, individually tailored to their job role
  • Interactive game and dynamic scenario questions
  • The course can be customised so users complete training relevant to their jurisdiction