Are your AML identification policies discriminatory? CDD & transgender customers

Young man holding up transgender symbol

With today marking Transgender Day of Remembrance (TDOR), our recent publication in Money Laundering Bulletin examines the struggle transgender people go through when it comes to changing a name and title at establishments such as a local bank.

Changing name and title in the UK should be as easy for the transgender bank customer as for someone who marries or enters a civil partnership but too often it is not. Annoying, if not hurtful to the individual, the obstacles encountered represent reputational and possible legal risk for financial institutions.

Why are transgender people, who can also change their name via deed poll, being dragged through an arduous, often traumatic and probably discriminatory process for trying to do the same thing married couples do in about five minutes?

We recently published an article in Money Laundering Bulletin that tackles this issue. You can read the full article here.