VinciWorks’ mental health course shortlisted for EG Tech Awards for Wellbeing Technology of the Year

VinciWorks’ mental health and wellbeing course has been selected for this year’s EG Tech Awards for the category of Wellbeing Technology of the Year. Bringing together tech businesses and established players in real estate, these awards reward innovation and delivery among both groups. This is the second award our mental health course has been shortlisted for, after we were shortlisted for the InsideOut award for Best Use of Technology in January. The winner of that award will now be announced in September.

About the Wellbeing technology of the year category

Sometimes the best way to do good is to feel good. Or at least help others feel good. This award celebrates the best wellbeing innovations in business. How is the technology implemented? How does it work? How is the wellbeing impact measured?

We have been shortlisted for the award alongside:

  • AirRated
  • AirSensa
  • Glide
  • Great Portland Estates plc and Smart Spaces

Why is there a need for our mental health training?

Cover of the guide to mental health

A mental health study carried out by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) found a total of 12.8 million working days were lost as a result of work-related stress during a 12-month period in 2018/19. In recent times, mental health issues have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many businesses want to do training on mental health, to make it part of the induction process or roll it out to tens of thousands of employees in multiple sites. But the problem is the vast majority of mental health training solutions require onsite, day-long, classroom based external sessions which are a significant time and cost investment that often only the largest or most progressive companies can afford.

The growth of mental health first aiders has of course greatly expanded the numbers of workers who have contact with a trained professional, but this still does not solve the problem of how to get everyone in a company to understand the key issues and aspects of mental health.

We believe mental health is as much of a compliance topic as any other subject our clients train on. We want to treat it as such, and just like how businesses roll out data protection or health and safety awareness courses and refresher courses on their Learning Management Systems, we’ve enabled mental health training to reach the masses.

VinciWorks has created a short guide to help present a business case for mental health training and get board buy-in.

The guide covers:

  • Some of the difficulties in getting board-level buy-in for action on mental health
  • Shocking statistics surrounding wellbeing at work
  • Guidance on how to get buy-in for mental health training
  • Business’ legal requirement to provide mental health training

Download guide

Why is our mental health course special?

Mental health stress at work test
Our mental health course’s “stress at work” assessment gives immediate feedback on the user’s stress level and can be integrated with our reporting solution, Omnitrack

Our 20 minute ‘Mental Health: Wellness at Work’ e-learning course takes users on an interactive journey to understand the basics and the law, how to take care of yourself, how to take care of others, spotting signs and symptoms, and includes a module for managers and a section on what other initiatives, policies and procedures the business wants to highlight.

We’ve utilised the latest in e-learning and experience design to provide an immersive and practical online learning experience. Plus we’ve used our innovative Omnitrack reporting product to offer pre-built assessments that can be rolled out across an entire workforce and integrated with the training. These include a personal stress risk assessment and work/life balance assessments that enable HR teams to identify individuals and teams at risk of stress, even before specific symptoms develop.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, VinciWorks released a new course designed to help learners cope with the unique mental health challenges that arise working from home, in isolation, especially in times of uncertainty and global pandemic. In the optional manager training, there is specific guidance for helping managers navigate the Covid-19 situation and communicate effectively with employees.