Anti-money laundering training – choosing the right course

VinciWorks has released new anti-money laundering training that replaces our flagship advanced and fundamentals courses. The training is available in two versions, tailored to different risk profiles.

Anti-Money Laundering: Advanced

Anti-money laundering course dashboard
Anti-Money Laundering: Advanced begins with a course builder, allowing users to instantly build the most relevant course for them

This is a 90-minute course geared towards staff with higher exposure to money laundering risk. This includes staff involved in client onboarding or due diligence. The course provides a detailed explanation of how money laundering works and how to conduct CDD. It also details all relevant laws and features an exhaustive list of red flags.

Anti-Money Laundering: Fundamentals

This 45-minute course should be used for staff with lower exposure to money laundering risk. The course provides an overview of money laundering, explains how your organisation could inadvertently be used in the money laundering chain, and who to contact in the event of any suspicions.

VinciWorks has created a short guide to choosing the right course for your staff.

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VinciWorks’ full anti-money laundering suite

Screenshot of AML: Know Your Risk course
AML: Know Your Risk is a refresher course that drops users into real life, immersive scenarios to test their knowledge, understanding and ability to uncover risks of money laundering hidden in everyday transactions

VinciWorks strives to make its AML training more than simply a tick-box exercise. Our courses are packed with realistic scenarios, real-life case studies and every customisation option you can think of. We have everything from in-depth induction training to refresher courses and five minute knowledge checks.

Full AML training suite