On-demand webinar: Mental Health: Wellbeing at Work

There has been increasing public awareness, political concern, and corporate action on mental health in the UK in recent years. This comes amid more referrals to mental health services, an explosion in prescriptions for anti-depressants, an increase in work days lost to mental health problems, and a stark rise in suicide, particularly among young men. In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, stress and anxiety will only be exacerbated.

In this webinar, we explored employers’ moral and legal responsibility towards their staff’s wellbeing. We were also joined by DAC Beachcroft’s Head of Employee Relations Ben Morris and Pinsent Masons LLP’s Diversity and Inclusion Consultant Kate Dodd to explore initiatives that businesses have introduced to good effect and what lessons have been learnt.

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The webinar will cover:

  • Why is it so important to ensure your staff’s wellbeing at work?
  • The moral and legal responsibility organisations have toward wellbeing at work
  • The Mindful Business Charter – Why was it created and how to get board buy-in on new initiatives?
  • How to identify and counter work-related stress
  • Examples of successful wellbeing initiatives and programmes
  • How VinciWorks’ award-nominated mental health course can help improve your staff’s wellbeing

About the experts

Nick Henderson, Head of Course Development for VinciWorks

Nick Henderson is Director of Course Development at VinciWorks and has played an important role in developing VinciWorks’ most interactive and customisable courses, such as Competition Law: Know Your MarketHarassment and Bullying at Work: MyStoryAML: Know Your Risk and GDPR: Privacy at Work. Nick is a policy expert with a background in public, voluntary and private sectors and has expert-level knowledge across a wide range of areas.

Gary Yantin, Director of Best Practice

As Director of Best Practice at VinciWorks, Gary Yantin works with professional service firms of all sizes to provide the best compliance learning experience for their staff. He was previously an in house lawyer and a solicitor in private practice. Gary has hosted many webinars and workshops for VinciWorks on a wide range of risk and compliance topics including GDPR and the SRA’s new approach to ongoing learning.

Ben Morris, DAC Beachcroft

Ben Morris has been working in HR within professional services for 19 years, with experience across a number of disciplines within the field. Currently working as Head of Employee Relations for international law firm DAC Beachcroft, Ben is an accredited adult instructor with MHFA England. As NLP master practitioner, qualified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and with qualifications in CBT and as a mindfulness practitioner, Ben brings a variety of approaches to life, work and training and is passionate about helping people realise their potential.

Kate Dodd, Diversity & Inclusion Specialist at Pinsent Masons

Kate Dodd is a Diversity and Inclusion Consultant for Pinsent Masons LLP.  She advises the firm, and its clients, across the full range of wellbeing, culture and inclusion topics. Kate’s passion is for creating great workplaces that allow talent to thrive.  She has a flair for culture change and helping leaders to learn how to start conversations around complex workplace issues. Kate has been instrumental in founding and developing the Mindful Business Charter, which is a cross-industry cultural change enabler focused upon increasing wellbeing. The MBC has now been adopted by more than 40 international organisations, creating happier, more mindful workplaces.

The business case for action on mental health

Cover of the guide to mental health

Convincing leadership to include company-wide mental health training in their budget and that effective training doesn’t need to come at a huge cost has proven to be a real challenge. VinciWorks has created a short guide to help present a business case for mental health training and get board buy-in.

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