SRA Standards and Regulations training – new course to be released soon

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The SRA Handbook is being replaced by the SRA Standards and Regulations, which will be in force from November 2019.

The new focus of the SRA Standards and Regulations is on each legal professional being able to justify their actions in all work that they carry out. For many legal professionals, including partners, managers, solicitors and support staff, this will require a significant change in approach. Legal professionals often only consider their professional obligations when a conflict of interest arises. However, the new SRA Standards and Regulations emphasise that legal professionals must be able to demonstrate compliance at all times.

To help firms prepare for the new regulations, VinciWorks will soon be releasing a suite of courses. The courses dynamically create a personalised learning experience based on an individual’s role in a law firm. This ensures everyone taking the course will learn what they need to know, and not waste time reviewing areas irrelevant to their practice.

The courses will help legal professionals, including support staff, to develop an understanding of the relevant SRA regulations which apply to their specific role in the law firm. SRA: Standards and Regulations ensures that all employees of an SRA regulated law firm who have a legal obligation to follow the SRA Standards and Regulations have sufficient knowledge to stay compliant.

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SRA training – self-reflection questions

A unique feature of the training is the self-reflection questions at the end of each module. This provides a firm with an extra layer of documentation to prove compliance to the SRA. After a user has completed the course, the firm will have access to a summary, written by the user, of how they intend to uphold each of the different SRA Standards and Regulations in their everyday work. This feature demonstrates not just that the user has taken and completed the course, but that they have carefully considered how they intend to uphold their professional standards and that they have made a personal commitment to do so.

Each course includes specially designed scenario questions based on recent judgments taken from various hearings involving the SRA at the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal.

Who should take the SRA courses?

Course nameCourse summaryWho’s it for?
SRA: Standards and RegulationsHelps staff develop an understanding of the relevant regulations which apply to their specific role in the law firmAll staff
SRA Accounts Rules AdvancedApply the SRA Accounts Rules to real-life scenariosAccounts staff
SRA Compliance AdvancedEnsure firm owners, managers and compliance officers understand their responsibilities set out by the SRAOwners, Managers and Compliance Officers

VinciWorks SRA training – outcomes

  • Understand what is included in the SRA Standards and Regulations
  • Learn which specific SRA Standards and Regulations are relevant to the role in the law firm
  • Apply the SRA Standards and Regulations to real-life scenarios
  • Be aware of the differences between previous handbooks and the current Standards and Regulations
  • Have an appreciation of using one’s own judgement in interpreting SRA Standards and Regulations

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