Share page redesign

Making sure the right people have access to your forms is easier than ever. We’ve simplified the process by redesigning the share page with intuitive sections that allow you to select whether your form should collect anonymous submissions, require sign in, or only be available to certain individuals.

To start, the ‘Share your form page’ can now be found under ‘Form settings’.

The share page has been renamed ‘Form settings’

There are two ways to share your forms from this page

  1. Copy the form link and send it out via internal or external channels. You can change who has access to this link via the ‘Change access settings’ link.
  2. Create submissions for an individual or group of users that have existing user accounts on your system. These users will receive an email notification with a link to the submission created for them.
Change your forms access settings at any time

You can also take a hybrid approach of posting a link on your internal chat and inviting a few key users via ‘Create submissions’. 

Access settings can be changed at any time and submissions you’ve created can be managed from the ‘View submissions’ page.

New share setting for end user forms

Admins can now decide whether end users can share their submissions with others. To disable sharing navigate to ‘Edit form’ >> ‘Form settings’ >> toggle off  ‘Allow users to share submissions’.

Reports include full conditional logic

The Omnitrack logic builder allows you to display or select a set of data based on conditions being met. In the last Omnitrack release we added the logic builder to the Counter reporting widget. We’ve now extended the logic feature to all types of graphical reporting widgets. 

Enhancement to PDF exports

All PDF reports exported from the system now have the option to add a logo in the top right corner of the document.

We’ve also added support for instructional and placeholder text for use cases where a PDF needs to be generated in letter format (e.g. for client engagement letters). 

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where creating a form inside an existing folder did not add it to the folder.
  • Fixed an issue where the data input of currency fields was not displaying the correct currency icon.
  • Fixed an issue where the mobile view for end users only displayed the first 50 submissions.
  • Fixed an issue where reminders sent from the system created a ‘Form field update’ event on the timeline. 
  • Fixed an issue where custom email templates were not being copied over when forms were duplicated.