Led by Director of Best Practice, Gary Yantin, this course covers everything a solicitor needs to know about the SRA’s new approach to continuing competence.




If you license the Continuing Competence Module, this new course is free and has been added to your Learning Management System.

Alternatively, firms can license firm-wide access to this course for a one-time fee of £495 +VAT.

This will enable you to deploy the course to every employee and track who has completed the training. You will be able to customise the introduction and conclusion of the course to suit your firm’s policy and link to further information.
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Course outcomes

Users of this course will learn how to identify learning needs, build a learning and development plan and consider methods for recording and demonstrating that they have fulfilled the SRA’s requirements.

  • Know how to reflect on your practice in relation to the SRA competence statement
  • Know how to create and maintain a learning and development plan
  • Understand how to use new approaches to learning to enhance your competence
  • Learn the regulations and find out what has changed