Getting third-party risk management right is critical for businesses. Join VinciWorks and CoreStream for a special webinar on ensuring effective procedures for extended enterprise management. We’ll dive into how to identify and mitigate risks through effective and efficient processes and what to consider when implementing risk-based third-party due diligence.

The webinar covered:

  • What do third-party risk management and vendor risk management cover?
  • How deep down the supply chain should risk management go?
  • What kind of risk factors should be considered?
  • What data should be collected from third parties?
  • Answering attendee questions

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CoreStream’s Third-Party Risk Management Software

Third Party Risk Management Software

CoreStream’s Third-Party Risk Management (TPRM) solution uses their highly intuitive and flexible platform. Recently reviewed by market-leading GRC analysts with the feedback that it was agile, intuitive, value-creating, effective and adaptable, the flexibility of the platform enables us to give each and every client exactly what they want for their TPRM approach.

Core features:

  • Segmentation of third parties based on your risk model
  • Workflow that triggers different levels of assessment based on risk profile
  • Third-party questionnaires and data request forms
  • Sanctions and adverse media screening and monitoring
  • Deep dive due diligence across all risk domains, utilizing numerous data sources that you can choose
  • Reporting and dashboards showing overall risk ranking

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