One of the most tangible impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic has been the rapid change in working practices. While the pandemic is not necessarily over, widespread vaccine roll-out programmes have allowed many places to return, at least legally, to some semblance of normality.

There’s a lot to consider in the topic of employment law, with much potential for change. Many companies now have hybrid work policies. What else might change in the future? What will employment law look like in one year, five years, or ten? What will the impact of Brexit be? 

VinciWorks has created a guide to post-Covid employment law that reviews the landscape of pandemic-related changes and highlights proposed new legislation, potential new laws and future flashpoints. 

The guide will help you understand and navigate trends and challenges in employment law post-pandemic and help ensure your business is prepared for the future.

What’s in the guide?

The guide covers the following topics:

  • Overview of employment law in the pandemic
  • What changed during the pandemic: changes that are likely to stay and changes that are unlikely to come back
  • Important rulings and regulations
  • Vaccines and employment law
  • The future of employment law: What the government intends to do
  • Overview of what MPs want to change in employment law

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