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Formation RGPD en ligne disponible en français

Les utilisateurs peuvent changer la langue de leur cours en cliquant sur un bouton

Les utilisateurs peuvent changer la langue de leur cours en cliquant sur un bouton

Le cours en ligne Règlement Général sur la Protection des Données de VinciWorks, GDPR: Confidentialité au travail (GDPR: Privacy at Work), avec d’autres cours dans la suite de formation VinciWorks GDPR, est maintenant disponible en français. Le cours combine la dernière en matière de politique et de droit avec les lignes directrices des meilleures pratiques. Il fournit des scénarios du monde réel, des fonctions interactives et des questions de révision pour tester la compréhension des points clés. En complétant ce cours, les utilisateurs apprendront comment se conformer aux lois sur la protection des données pour leur rôle spécifique dans l’organisation. La formation en ligne est basée sur le Règlement général sur la protection des données (RGPD).

Alors que le GDPR entrera en vigueur dans toute l’Europe le 25 mai 2018, la France a déjà promulgué une législation pour préparer le nouveau régime de protection des données.

démo le cours

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GDPR training available in French

GDPR training in French

VinciWorks’ GDPR training can easily be viewed in multiple languages at the click of a button

VinciWorks’ online GDPR course, GDPR: Privacy at Work, together with the other courses in VinciWorks’ GDPR training suite, is now available in French. The course combines the latest in policy and law with best practice guidelines. It provides real-world scenarios, interactive features and review questions to test understanding of key points. By completing this course users will learn how to comply with data protection laws for their specific role in the organisation. The online training is based on the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

While GDPR will be coming into force across Europe on 25 May 2018, France has already enacted some legislation to prepare for the new data protection regime.

Demo GDPR training in French

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Free on-demand webinar – GDPR Mythbusters

GDPR webinar banner

Should we be deleting our whole email marketing list? How much can you actually be fined for a GDPR offence? In this webinar, Director of Course Development Nick Henderson and Yehuda Solomont explored the myths surrounding GDPR and helped separate the facts from the fiction. The webinar is based on our GDPR Mythbusters blog series that we are publishing in the lead up to GDPR day.

The webinar focused on the following GDPR myths

  • You’ll be fined 4% of global turnover for your first GDPR offence
  • GDPR requires you to delete all of a person’s data if they ask
  • You can’t send marketing emails anymore
  • HR policies and practices won’t be affected
  • No one will know if I don’t comply with GDPR
  • Compliance will cost you business

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GDPR training requirements: training schedule

Calendar showing when GDPR is in force

The EU wide General Data Protection Regulation comes into full force on 25 May

With so much GDPR compliance to get done, figuring out a training schedule for staff can seem like an impossible nut to crack. That’s why VinciWorks have made it as easy as possible to figure out what staff need trained on what, when and how often.

VinciWorks’ flagship online training course, GDPR: Privacy at Work does the hard work for you with a unique course builder and training modules specifically tailored to every role in an organisation. With thousands of possible course combinations available, it’s the sure-fire way to get the right training in front of the right staff at the right time. Our GDPR training suite provides further GDPR courses and knowledge checks.

VinciWorks has developed an entire suite of helpful GDPR resources to guide your organisation on its way to compliance. For a more in-depth look at training requirements for different departments and job roles, review our suggested schedule below that includes what resources to roll out post-GDPR to assess comprehension and understanding.

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The digital marketing guide to GDPR

People receiving marketing emails from their smart phones

One of the departments in your organisation most likely to be affected by GDPR are marketing professionals. This is because under GDPR, the requirements for obtaining consent to collect and process data have changed and new rights have been introduced. The guidance given in this blog will help your marketing team prepare for GDPR and decide on the next steps they need to take to reach full compliance.

Read: GDPR: 10 things to do now

Assessment: how ready are you for GDPR?

Marketing lists

In June 2017, JD Weatherspoons felt the best way to become compliant with GDPR was to delete it’s entire marketing list. While this may be the favourable approach for the pub chain, GDPR certainly does not require businesses to delete their entire marketing list.

Organisations can provide customer details to third parties only if they made this clear when the information was being collected. Records of how consent was obtained must be clear if the list is being used for making marketing calls, texts, or emails.

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Charitable and political donations policy template

Ringbinder full of donations

Charitable donations are often used as a conduit for making bribes

While many large corporations strive to support worthy charitable causes across the world as well as the local community, it is important that staff are aware of the types of donations that are acceptable. It is also important that charitable donations made go directly to the charity and are not benefited by a political party or campaign. Charitable donations are often used to make bribes. Therefore, having a charitable and political donations policy in place will help ensure that donations to charities are made appropriately and don’t fall into the wrong hands.

VinciWorks’ charitable and political donations policy can be downloaded for free by clicking the button below. The template can easily be edited to suit your organisation’s industry and procedures. As well as creating a policy, it is also important staff undergo the appropriate anti-bribery training to allow them to identify suspicions of bribery.

Download policy template

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How many days until GDPR? The GDPR countdown

GDPR countdown

Failure to comply with GDPR, coming into force on 25 May, can bring about huge fines, making compliance a must

How many days are there until the General Data Protection Regulation?

VinciWorks is counting down the days until GDPR comes into force, providing a host of resources such as online GDPR training, policy templates and helpful guides. We have also created a GDPR countdown to help you keep track of how long your business has to prepare.

Countdown to GDPR

The GDPR resource page

VinciWorks has created a GDPR resources page that includes all the tools and resources you will need to prepare for GDPR.

The GDPR resource page includes:

Gifts and hospitality registers with Omnitrack

Omnitrack product banner

How does your organisation collect and process all gifts and corporate hospitality that are given to your staff? How do you keep track of all the gifts given to and received by staff to current or potential clients?

Regulators in many industries including legal, pharmaceutical, construction, education and financial services demand that organisations collect, analyse and report on legal and compliance requirements to mitigate bribery risk. Further, professional services firms’ clients often expect their firms to have in place training and registers for Gifts and Hospitality.

Globally, organisations are bound by complex and ever-changing legal and compliance obligations. Without a structured and secure data collection system, organisations waste time and resources ensuring compliance and uncovering business intelligence. Omnitrack is VinciWorks’ solution to collecting, storing and managing data. It allows managers to be instantly notified of any gifts that are given or received, thereby enabling them to make an informed decision on next steps.

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GDPR Knowledge Check

To what extent are you up-to-date on your knowledge of the General Data Protection Regulation? VinciWorks’ new five minute GDPR knowledge check will help you and your staff assess their level of compliance, allowing you to decide on next steps. Feedback is given after each question is answered, allowing users to improve their knowledge while completing the assessment. A score is given at the end of each assessment, meaning users can easily establish how much they have yet to learn.

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General Data Protection Regulation – what is your GDPR compliance score?

Keyboard being password protection by a combination lock

How ready are you for GDPR, set to come into force on 25 May? Has your organisation implemented all possible technical measures to protect people’s data? What still needs to be done to prepare for GDPR day? VinciWorks’ GDPR compliance assessment will help your staff assess where they stand in their compliance with the new regulations and what still needs to be done.

Get your own GDPR compliance score

Have you conducted any GDPR focused data audits? Have you updated privacy notices for GDPR? These are just two of the questions that will come up in the assessment. Upon completion, the assessment will return one of four ratings, with an exact percentage score.

Take the GDPR compliance assessment

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